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"Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle"

by Barbara E. Ford

What are they saying about this Tangram book?

Jerry Slocum: renowned author and puzzle collector:

"As I read through the book, I felt that the title of the book could have been, 'Art and Poetry through Tangrams'. The sections on 'The Seven Pieces' treat each of the pieces with beautiful tangram figures illustrating poems about each piece.

And the 'Masterpiece' section uses mutliple tangram figures, sometimes by reflection, to achieve dramatic artistic patterns.

Sam Loyd's whimsical Tangram Cats illustrating an Ogden Nash poem is a nice touch."

Frank Sheehan, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, San Francisco State University:

"What a beautiful book. I find the book more inspirational and motivating than how-to or puzzle books. It makes me want to play... Having enjoyed the whole thing, I go back to check on technique, detail, clarity. The shading that provides dimension makes one want to touch. A Magnificent production!"

Theoni Pappas, author of THE JOY OF MATHEMATICS:

"Barbara Ford's, Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle, combines beautiful graphics with whimsy and clarity in a 'must have' book for all ages."


Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle

Tangram Square
A square broke
and fell into 7 pieces -
Seven Pieces

Move, shift, slide, arrange, and rearrange
these seven pieces over again and again.

Create tangram designs of:
People Juggler Birds Bird Wing Quilts Blue Ribbon
Fish Angelfish Cats and
Cat Head Create
Kicking Pinwheel

EXCITING new book!
Learn about tangrams. Start designing!

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